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Q: Does the house come complete as shown in the pictures?
CEDARCONS CONSTRUCTION provides a complete light gauge steel framing system that includes the precision-cut and precision-punched components for the wall panels, roof trusses, floor trusses (where applicable), clips, framing angles, and fasteners necessary to erect the light gauge steel frame for the model you select. The picture shown in the brochure is an architect’s rendering of what the house or building could look like using certain types of finish materials that are left up to the customers choosing.

Q: Can I erect the frame myself?
A: Certainly you may erect the frame yourself. Please check the easy installation step as below. Many customers choose to do just that. However, many customers also choose to hire an experienced general contractor or framer to provide this service as well. The choice is up to you.

Q: What tools required for the installation?
A: It only needs simple tools as below.
If you don't have, just let us know, we can help to buy for you and send together with the goods.
We believe the price in our local is much cheaper than yours.


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