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Wash car booth,Wash car booth
Wash car booth
TYPE DXC(E6)(20cbm)
Outside dimensions 10000×3800×3100mm
Max car standard 5000×2000×2000mm
power 380V,50hz,3phase
Total power consumption 25KW
Water cinsumption 200L/car
Washing speed 20-30cars/hr
Drying system:1 set
Conveyor length NO
Main characteristics:
Occupy small area, cheap price, easy operation, flexible function, high degree automation, beautiful appearance, energy conservation and environment protection, long service life, low cost of car washing, low cost of repair, good antirust performance, good reliability

Main Function:
Automatic sense spray, automatic spray car wash liquid, automatic chassis washing, automatic spray brightening wax, system automatic detection. In addition, non contact computer car washer may select drying system,  optional sewage purification system; it is environment protection and water saving.

Production Features:
1.Import advanced skill, adopt simple and elegant design, which is not only beautiful in appearance, but also advanced, safe and reliable in performance.
2.High pressure water cleaning, to ensure no scratch in paint surface
3.Main components are imported products, with low failure rate and long service life
4.Energy saving, low operating cost


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